Genuine Goodness
Genuine Goodness

Sponsor a Homeless Animal & Feel the Inner Good!

Whether it's allergies, no-pet housing, or travelling frequently, for example, some people are unable to adopt a homeless animal. Still, why not consider sponsoring a homeless animal. Sponsoring a homeless animal is rewarding. One can experience a sense of gratification in knowing your sponsorship is helping a homeless animal to be fed and sheltered until their forever home is found. Many animal shelters have sponsorship programs that run throughout the year, and not just at Christmas time. If you have been thinking of ways to give back to society, then there has never been a better time or need to do so than now.



My 2014 sponsored dog Robbie who arrived at the ADANA shelter in 2009. Because of the number of abandoned animals it is not uncommon for dogs, such as Robbie, to remain in a no-kill shelter for many years until they find their forever human family.



*Update February, 2015: After six long years in a shelter, Robbie now has a forever home in Finland!






Pictures of Robbie owned by ADANA







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