Genuine Goodness
Genuine Goodness

Keep the Pet: Get Rid of the iPod

By Patricia Gordon

Letter to the Editor - International Express, December 13, 2011


I could not help but feel somewhat skeptical that thousands of dogs and cats are being abandoned because of the recession; rather, the recession is yet another excuse many pet owners use to exonerate themselves from the guilt of surrendering or abandoning their so-called “best friend.”


My mother retired in Spain a decade ago but the increasing number of pets dumped in her community (some by ex-pats) has made her retirement years sorrowful ones. Yes, recessions are tough (I’ve experienced several), but whatever happened to turning towards friends and family during hard times? Pets are members of the family – they are not products to be chucked away. In hard times you sell the iPod; you don’t dump the family pet.



The above letter was written in response to an article drawing attention to the increasing number of pets being abandoned or surrendered to animal shelters in the UK during the recession. While some cases of pet owners falling on hard times are legitimate, pet surrendering and abandonment is a widespread problem in which far too many pets have become the victims of a disposable society.

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