Genuine Goodness
Genuine Goodness

Dalton's Rescue


Amongst the thousands of animals abandoned each year in

Canada are domestic rabbits. Once the Easter Bunny novelty

wears off, many of these animals find themselves dumped by

irresponsible owners. The abandoned rabbits typically are not

spayed or neutered, resulting in an overpopulation of domestic
rabbits residing in local communities, much to the dismay of many residents because of the damage they cause. Domestic rabbits are
not wild rabbits; thus, many die a miserable death from starvation and the harsh Canadian temperatures. Dalton's Rescue is not only a story about an abandoned rabbit, but it is also about human compassion.


Dalton's story was published online by



* Photo of Dalton being cuddled by Dr. Lucie Levy prior to his neuter surgery is courtesy of Helping Paws Veterinary Services, Calgary, Alberta

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